October Sol Rizing is formed
May 21st Malcolm X Festival
June 18th McDonough Cultural Festival
July 6th Wednesday WindDown at Centennial Park 
July 9th Harmony Born with Pato Banton at the Royal Peacock
August 20th  The Atlanta Caribbean Cultural Festival
October 22nd A Dinner and Date Live Event w/Rastafunk
December 4th  
Word is Born First Sundays


February 4th Co-host Bob Fest
June 28th 
Wednesday Wind Down  (Spragga Benz & Pessure Busspipe
November 6th  
Lily of Da Valley Tour Center Stage – Open for Jesse Royal
November 3rd
Private Event at the Royal Room
September 30th
Private Event at the Royal Room
October 27th Sol Rizing feature at St. James Live
September 23rd
 National Black Arts Festival Family Day
August 20th 
 Iron Bred Beach Bash
August 5th 
 Private Event
July 22nd Stagga Lee's 2nd Year Anniversary
July 6th
SMART Thursdays @ St. James Live
November 9th  
Private Event at the Royal Room


February 16th BobFest ATL with Jah9 and SaRoc
March 16th 
 Feature at Flowers at 640 West
May 18th 
The Lioness Den 
640 West
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